Fearfully & Wonderfully Made ~

by Anne on September 8, 2012

Do you realize that you sneeze at 120 miles per hour?  Did you also know that every time you sneeze, you have been programmed to close your eyes?  Where does your hair grow from? How can the thin layer of skin on your head send out a special hair, different from that which grows on the arm, or on the eyelids or eyebrows?  Consider your finger nails: where did they grow from, and what makes their substance?  Notice how your hands hold a book, with the fingers cradling it and the thumbs holding the pages.  Both thumbs bend forward, or you couldn’t hold the book.  Hands have been designed to grip and feel. 

How is it that your lungs keep breathing irrespective of your will?  You have been doing it without a second thought.  In fact, becoming conscious of it can hinder the process.  Lungs seem to work best without any conscious thought from the mind.  How does your subconscious mind continually feed you with thoughts, even while you sleep?  

Think of the complexities of the human mind.  It is feeding your understanding with knowledge right now by translating ink shapes on these pages, speaking them toyour mind, and automatically filing them into your memory bank.

At this moment, your liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, salivary glands, etc., are all working to keep your body going.  You don’t even have the power to switch them off and on.  As you sleep tonight, your heart will pump seventy-five gallons of blood through your body each hour.

Your lungs are designed to filter oxygen from the air you breathe.  These organs contain 300 billion tiny blood vessels called capillaries.  Your entire blood supply washes through your lungs once every minute.  In your lifetime, the marrow in your bones will create approximately half a ton of red corpuscles.

The focusing muscles in your eyes move an estimated 100,000 times each day.  The retina, covering less than a square inch, contains 137 million light-sensitive cells.  Even a wide-eyed Charles Darwin said, “To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection, seems I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.”

Your brain contains 10 billion neurons, microscopic nerve cells.  Your stomach, which produces four pints of gastric juice each day, has 35 million glands lining it.  The next time you enjoy a delicious meal, be thankful to God for the 8,000 taste buds that He put into your mouth.  Imagine how boring eating would be without them.  In addition to taste, the tongue was made to shape speech.

Your ears were designed to capture sound.  Its grooves, bumps, and ridges are made to catch passing sound waves and channel them into the eardrum.  What if your ears faced backwards or your nose was upside down (what a nightmare in a rainstorm), or your mouth had two tongues?  if humanity just happened (with no purposeful design), why don’t we see such creatures?  In fact, we see the very opposite.  From the teeth of a dog to the legs of a grasshopper, one can see practical design in everything that has been made.

Creation reflects the genius of the Creator’s hand.

Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

I love the encouragement that God gives us when we are spending time with Him.  I have several different types of Bibles.  One that has devotionals in it as I read the Bible.  Another is the Archaeological Bible which has Archaeological proof of the Bible and then there is the Evidence Bible that I recently purchased that I love to read because it has so many side notes that have thought provoking questions and answers that many of us have.  Just like the one I wrote above.

The Evidence Bible can be bought at this site:  Ray Comfort – Living Waters



Leaving the City of Regret ~

by Anne on April 28, 2011

Life can sure trip you up sometimes.  We are moving right along with each task throughout the day and somewhere down the line we realize we got off track…. I’m speaking from a spiritual sense. 

We may still be going to church…. having our devotions and lifting things up in prayer but then one day we realized that we have allowed the enemy to creep into our minds and still our joy… he tells us lies that we begin to believe and WAM… we are off track.

How many times has this happened to you?  It has happened to me many times but I have to admit that this time around it was a doozy… I have so much that is swimming around in my head right now that the Lord has been speaking to me about and working on in my life and I can’t wait to share it.  I know that I am not the only one that the enemy has been working overtime on but for now I wanted to share this story with you that I found:

Leaving the City of Regret

I had not really planned on taking a trip this time of year, and yet I found myself packing rather hurriedly.  This trip was going to be unpleasant and I knew in advance that no real good would come of it.  I’m talking about my annual “Guilt Trip.”

I got my tickets to fly there on Wish I Had airlines.  It was an extremely short flight.  I got my baggage, which I could not check.  I chose to carry it myself all the way.  It was weighted down with a thousand memories of what might have been.  no one greeted me as I entered the terminal to the Regret City International Airpot.  I say international because people from all over the world come to this dismal town.

As I checked into the Last Resort Hotel, I noticed that they would be hosting the year’s most important event, the Annual Pity Party.  I wasn’t going to miss that great social occasion.  Many of the towns leading citizens would be there.

First, there would be the Done Family, you know, Should Have, Would Have and Could Have.  Then came the I Had family.  You probably know ol’ Wish and his clan.  Of course, the Opportunities would be present, Missed and Lost.  The biggest family would be the Yesterday’s.  There are far too many of them to count, but each one would have a very sad story to share.

Then Shattered Dreams would surely make the appearance.  And It’s Their Fault would regale us with stories (excuses) about how things had failed in his life, and each story would be loudly applauded by Don’t Blame Me and I Couldn’t Help It.

Well, to make a long story short, I went to this depressing party knowing that there would be no real benefit in doing so.  And, as usual, I became very depressed.  But as I thought about all of the stories of failures brought back from the past, it occured to me that all of this trip and subsequent “pity party” could be cancelled by ME! I started to truly realize that I did not have to be there.  I didn’t have to be depressed.  One thing kept going through mymind, I CAN”T CHANGE YESTERDAY, BUT I DO HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE TODAY A WONDERFUL DAY. I can be happy, joyous fulfilled, encouraged, as well as encouraging.  Knowing this, I left the City of Regret immediately and left no forwarding address.  Am I sorry for mistakes I’ve made in the past?  YES!  But there is no physical way to undo them.

So, if you’re plannon a trip back to the City of Regret, please cancell all your reservations now.  Instead, take a trip to a place called, Starting Again.  I liked it so much that I have now taken up permanent residence there.  My neighbors, the I Forgive Myselfs and the New Starts are so very helpful.  By the way, you don’t have to carry around heavy baggage, because the load is lifted from your shoulders upon arrival.  God bless you in finding this great town.  If you can find it – - it’s in your own heart – - please look me up.  I live on I Can Do It street.

~ By Larry Harp


April Fools Day Pranks ~

March 31, 2011

When I was younger and I worked in a restaurant as a waitress with several of my girl friends from school… we would play all kinds of pranks on our Managers and even some Customers.  Of course, you can only do this if you get along with that Manager or Customer.  To be honest with you…. I [...]

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Movies With Meaning ~

March 28, 2011

I’m a HUGE Movie person.  I love how we can sit and be taken into a totally different world.  We can laugh & cry or we can be left on the edge of our seat.   There are so many great movies out there that I can go on and on about but what I really like is when [...]

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From One Cracked Pot To Another (repost) ~

March 22, 2011

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God Is In Control ~

March 18, 2011

There is so much going on in the news about the disasters in Japan and so many stories to read.   I know that we can not even begin to imagine what they are going through with facing so many obstacles.  They are in my thoughts and prayers. Something that really caught my eye the other day on [...]

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My Daughter’s Hair Show (Open House) ~

March 11, 2011

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Update ~

March 8, 2011

WOW…. it has been quite a few weeks since I have posted anything.  Does anybody else ever get so bogged down with life that you can’t even find time to post all the things you want to write about? Life has been crazy for us here.  About a month ago I was horribly sick for two [...]

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Food For Thought ~

February 17, 2011

I love it when I receive emails that are straight to the heart because I love to share them with you.  I received this one from a co-worker: A successful businessman was growing old and knew it was time to choose a successor to take over the business. Instead of choosing one of his Directors [...]

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Missing In Action / New York Trip ~

February 15, 2011

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